Tuesday, May 3, 2016

East Java Typical food Most Popular

After the previous discussion discuss about some Japanese food, on this occasion to switch to discuss the East Javanese food. Indonesia is a country that is much favored by foreign tourists thanks to its cultural diversity. In addition there are a wide variety of delicious specialties and has its own characteristics that make it mandatory to try and eat.

It is true that if if every region in the country has a distinctive taste. One stau the provinces in Indonesia East Java province which has a variety of typical food was delicious and obliged to try. So if you happened to be in the province of East Java, there is no harm if try some typical food in East Java following the most popular!

 The following list of East Java Foods Most Popular

Bakso Malang

Bakso Malang is one of the specialties of East Java is very popular. The food is typical that one is mandatory for you to try. Because Bakso Malang has been widely spread in various cities in Indonesia. Bakso Malang has become one of the many delicious culinary community like Indonesia. How keen to try Bakso Malang?

Soto Lamongan

The food is typical of East Java is the next most popular Soto Lamongan. It already tadk doubt be delicacies typical of East Java this one. Lamongan Soto is already very popular in many areas in the country thanks to its deliciousness. This is because Lamongan Soto has a distinctive flavor, so many popular community in Indonesia. Soto Lamongan into culinary is also mandatory for you to try to enjoy.


The food is typical of this one is not only famous in East Java, but also in the various regions in the country. In general rawon dishes are widely used in weddings. Rawon has a delicious flavor with a characteristic black color of the sauce slightly. The basic material used to make rawon such as beef, and other spices. Rawon usually served with white rice, vegetables like bean sprouts, shrimp crackers, and egg pieces.

Racing rice cake

The next East Javanese food is Lontong Racing. In addition to its unique name, culinary this one also has a delicious taste so demanding public. Race is a culinary rice cake made of rice cake, bean sprouts, fried tofu, soy sauce, fried onions, and also for the likes spicy sambal. Race cake served with a delicious sauce and usually served with crackers.

rujak Cingur

Rojak adalaah Cingur next meal that is equally ene with culinary above. For this culinary one main material that has been processed cow's mouth with baik.Tentu not only cingur only consumed, but also mixed with various spices else that will create a distinctive taste and makes people want to eat them back.

Tek know

Equally delicious culinary top culinary know-tek also become one of the specialties of East Java that you can try consumption. Food this one certainly is very popular and famous among the people of East Java. Tek knows himself knows that the main material is cooked by frying undercooked mixed with other materials.

Thus was some discussion about the typical food in East Java are popular. There are still many other East Javanese food that taste delicious.


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