Thursday, April 28, 2016

Food Containing High Calcium

After the previous discussion to discuss the multiple sources of food that contains omega 3, on this occasion will discuss about some of the foods that contain high calcium than milk. Merupakakan cow's milk drink containing high calcium. In addition to cow's milk are other food sources that are also high in calcium. Calcium has many benefits for the body as it helps in the formation of teeth and bones.

When the body is deficient in calcium can cause problems in bones such as osteoporosis or also called osteoporosis. Besides calcium is also useful to help launch perdaran blood, muscle flexing, prevent heart disease, and many more. So it's good for us consume food sources that contain calcium to meet the needs kalisum on the body. Listed below are some information about foods that contain high calcium.

Here Food Containing High Calcium Besides Milk


Cheese is one of the food sources that contain high calcium. The cheese itself is a source of food made from milk. Not just calcium alone, in the cheese are also several important nutrient content to other bodies such as minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, cholesterol, and other content. Well to get all these nutrients do not forget to consume the cheese to taste.


Foods that contain high calcium next is soybeans. In the soybeans contain calcium content is high enough. In the cup of boiled soybeans can menghasilkn about 261 mg of calcium. Until now soybeans processed into a variety of food sources such as tempeh, soy milk, and much more.


Source foods containing high calcium next Yoghurt. Yogurt is also a good source of dairy foods very popular existence. Yoghurt has many benefits for the body as it helps in the digestive system of the body, and good for bone health. This is because in Yogurt contains high calcium source.

Almond nut

In addition to soybeans, almonds also contain high calcium sources for health. Almonds can be mixed into the cake or chocolate. Almonds is famous for sources of vitamin E are good for the skin and hair. In addition to the womb turns almonds containing a source of other nutrients such as iron and potassium as well. Within a quarter cup of almonds contains 72 mg.


Besides containing omega 3 turns salmon also contain other nutrients such as calcium is high. Within 3 ounces of salmon contains high calcium which is equal to 181 mg. The salmon fishing is good for people with diabetes because of the high mineral content.


Oatmeal is a cereal that is very popular among the people. Oatmeal source of food-based fiber is good for the digestion of the body. But did you know that oatmeal also contain calcium which is good for the body. In a single serving of oatmeal contains at least 105 mg of calcium.


Broccoli also goes into the food sources that contain high calcium. Broccoli is good for health because it contains a variety of nutrients including calcium. In the vegetable broccoli there were at least 180 mg of calcium.

Thus was the discussion of some food sources that contain high calcium than milk that you can know.


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